Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2018-2021

This Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments (PNA) assesses the local needs in relation to pharmaceutical services across the borough and identifies any gaps in that provision. The Health and Wellbeing Board has the responsibility of producing PNAs in accordance with the According to the National Health Service (NHS) (Pharmaceutical and Local Pharmaceutical Services) Regulation 2013. The report highlights the key findings of the mapping analysis, alongside the 60 days pharmacy stakeholder consultation which was undertaken from 24.11.2017 to 23.01.2018.

Key Themes:

Locally Identified Health Need

Current Pharmacy Provision and Services

  1. Pharmacy Demographics
  2. Pharmacies in Doncaster
  3. Access to pharmaceutical services around the HWBB boundary
  4. Extended hour’s Community Pharmacies
  5. Pharmacy correlation with GP practices

Access to Pharmaceutical Services

  1. Geographical Access
  2. Access to pharmacies by opening hours

Pharmaceutical Service

  1. Essential Services
  2. Advanced Services
  3. Locally Commissioned Services

Geographic coverage of provision

  1. Advanced Services commissioned by NHS England
  2. Locally Commissioned Services
  3. Pharmacies and Public Health Campaigns

Future Impacts

  1. Housing and Development
  2. Pharmacy correlation with future housing development

Headline Findings:

  • On the whole access to pharmaceutical services is good.
  • 87.2% of residents live within 1 mile of a community pharmacy.
  • Nearly all GP practices are within 1km of a community pharmacy.
  • There is a good coverage of pharmacies in poorer areas of Doncaster.
  • Pharmacies offer brief lifestyle advice and are ideally placed to support the Public Health agenda.



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