Climate and Biodiversity Commission

In September 2019, Doncaster declared a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency in recognition that Climate Change and sustainability are amongst the biggest issues of the 21st century and the effects of man made and dangerous climate change are already being felt and seen. Team Doncaster resolved to put sustainability, biodiversity and carbon reduction at the heart of its agenda and support communities, businesses and individuals to make more sustainable choices.

David Attenborough’s film Climate Change: The Facts

To support this declaration, the Doncaster Local Commission on Climate and Biodiversity Crisis (The Commission) has been set up to advise on strategies and best practices to:

  • Promote leadership in the borough on climate change
  • Establish the borough’s carbon reduction target and road map to delivery
  • Advise on the assessment of climate-related risks and adaptation opportunities in the borough
  • Bring together major organisations and key groups in Doncaster to collaborate on projects that result in measurable contributions towards carbon reduction targets
  • Make the economic case for innovation and investment in low carbon and climate resilient projects
  • Promote best practice in public engagement on climate change and its impacts
  • Consult and advise regional and national bodies on issues impacting the effectiveness of local climate action.

The Commission will be considering information from the following key topics to develop practical recommendations to address the Crisis:

  1. Land Use and Nature Recovery
  2. Energy production
  3. Green Business, Economy and Technology
  4. Waste and Sustainable Consumption
  5. Sustainable Transport
  6. Housing and Buildings

Interim Position Statement (July 2020) Responding to the climate emergency: Creating a fairer, more prosperous Doncaster

Doncaster Climate Commission - Interim Position Statement - Aug 2020.docx
Download (1.12MB - DOCX)
In addition to the formal meetings, Commission members will be engaging with different events including a meeting with Local Trusts, a Green Business event and a Young People’s event to ensure residents of Doncaster can have their say.

Climate Commission Attendees

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But we need your help!!

Following on from the Doncaster Talks listening exercise over the Summer, we are launching an Evidence Gathering Exercise to hear what you think is already helping to tackle Climate Change, but also your ideas on what we can do differently in the future to protect our environment and the climate.

Have your say at between Monday 11 November and the end of February 2020.


What else can you do?

Public services, businesses, and schools are all considering what difference they can make for climate change.

Every individual can also make a difference.


In recognition of the fact that the Climate crisis is also a biodiversity crisis, Doncaster Climate Commission has endorse the establishment of Doncaster Nature Alliance. For more information click the title below 

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