Climate and Biodiversity Commission

In September 2019, Doncaster declared a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency in recognition that Climate Change and sustainability are amongst the biggest issues of the 21st century and the effects of man made and dangerous climate change are already being felt and seen. Team Doncaster resolved to put sustainability, biodiversity and carbon reduction at the heart of its agenda and support communities, businesses and individuals to make more sustainable choices.

Doncaster Climate Commission puts forward the following vision:-

Doncaster will deliver its contribution to the regional, national and international effort to tackle the climate change emergency, creating a stronger economy, a sustainable natural and built environment, and a better quality of life for residents and for future generations.

Doncaster should aim for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040

 To find out more about the climate and biodiversity crisis, please watch these films with David Attenborough:-

 Commission Reports 

  Climate and Biodiversity Commision Final Report

 The Final Report to Team Doncaster is a detailed account of the issues considered by the Commission, providing a positive climate change response for Doncaster, and including the net-zero target and the carbon budget, housing and buildings, energy, transport and travel, land use, biodiversity and carbon storage, food, business and enterprise, resources and waste. 

Doncaster Climate Commission - Final Report Main Download (10.2MB - PDF) 70 pages


Summary report of the Final Report is a shorter report in less technical languages principally focuses on what we can do now as a borough, what we need government help to do, and what needs further investigation or innovation.

Doncaster Climate Commission - Final Report Summary Download (1.31MB - PDF) 22 pages


 We also provide a very short Executive Summary


Comments on the Final Report from Climate Commission Members

Doncaster Chamber of Commerce - "Doncaster’s business community is ready and willing to be part of the solution when it comes to tackling the climate crisis.  We know that what makes environmental sense typically makes sound commercial sense too; businesses will therefore recognise that there should not be any tensions between Doncaster’s climate ambitions and the borough’s desire for continued economic growth."

Leeds University Sustainability Research Institute  - "The ambition that Doncaster has to act on both climate and biodiversity crises together, with actions that affect residents’ day to day lives, and that directly reflect Doncaster’s unique geography and assets, like the river Don and Thorne and Hatfield moors, really sets this Commission apart from work being done in other areas."

Environment Agency - "Since the devastating November 2019 flooding, we have been working closely with Doncaster’s climate commission to help shape our collective response to the climate and nature emergency in the Borough. Team Doncaster are a leading example of a truly innovative, holistic and partnership led response to the biggest challenge we face as a global society and we look forward to working with them to develop and deliver this plan."

Doncaster Sheffield Airport "welcomes the Report published this week by the Doncaster Climate Change and Biodiversity Commission. Which, amongst other areas, highlights the significant role that the Airport plays in the progress of aviation innovation towards the UK’s net-zero target."

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust - "The Climate Commissions Report is an important moment to signal that the Doncaster region will be profoundly impacted by climate change, however, if we act now there is a lot we can do to prevent the worst impacts. By using nature based solutions to adapt to the changes, such as tree planting, natural flood management upstream, creating pollinator corridors and wildlife sanctuaries woven throughout the landscape in a nature recovery network, we can create a naturally healthy and vibrant place to live for residents, alongside all of the other species who could flourish there too."

Doncaster Council Public Health - "The climate and biodiversity emergency is the ultimate public health challenge and it’s good to see a set of concrete proposals for Doncaster."

Activist/Parish Councillor - "With the completion of this report, my hope is that Team Doncaster and Doncaster Council, will use it as a route map to successfully reduce emissions to zero by 2040 while protecting our wildlife and preserving their habitats."

ENGIE Energy Services - "ENGIE’s mission is to make zero carbon happen in the UK. The Doncaster Climate Commission Report provides a plan, evidence and structure that enables ENGIE to invest in Team Doncaster, deliver net-zero interventions at speed for partners and ultimately improve the health and well-being of our local communities." 


Want to know how you can respond to climate change?

Public services, businesses, and schools are all considering what difference they can make for climate change. Every individual can also make a difference. 


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