Children & Families Strategic Partnership

The Children and Families Board has the senior partnership responsibility for policy, strategy and achievement in services for children, young people and their families.

What is the Children and Families Strategic Partnership Board

The core functions of the Board are:

  • Commission and deliver the strategic Children and Young People’s Plan and seeks assurances that annual delivery plans are in place across the sub-structure.
  • Deliver an annual impact report to demonstrate progress.
  • Ensures a clarity in vision and drive for services to families and children
  • Holds the Children and Families Performance Group to account for Delivery of programmes, performance and sub-structure arrangements.
  • Commission and sign-off an annual children, young people and family’s needs assessment, and associated research as appropriate, to inform priorities In partnership
  • Ensure the voice of children and young people is represented in both strategic planning and service delivery across the partnership
  • Direct opportunities for alignment of resources
  • Makes the necessary links with the national children’s commissioner and the office of the Local Commissioner and attendant linkages with both outcomes frameworks
  • Is accountable for commissioning of services for children, young people and families.
  • Oversee key strategic risks
  • Ensures the Commissioning link between CYP Commissioning group and the Joint Commissioning Resource group – engaging with CYP and Families in the process.
  • Promote success, stimulate innovation and engage with evidence around what works
  • Actively engage with other strategic theme boards, the Team Doncaster Strategic Partnership and Overview and Scrutiny
  • Respond to challenges about safeguarding identified by Doncaster Safeguarding Children Board (DSCB) / Performance Accountability Group (PAB)
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