Doncaster Fairness & Wellbeing Commission

The Doncaster Fairness and Wellbeing Commission has explored fresh ways to involve local people, organisations and businesses to look at how to improve the lives of Doncaster residents.

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Life for some people in Doncaster can be a real struggle, some people cannot easily access the things in life we consider essential such as food and heating, or spend lots of their time alone and feel isolated. This situation was highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic and has worsed due to the rising cost of living, putting a real squeeze on household incomes. People and families should not have to choose between energy, food and essentials.

Poverty in all its forms affects people’s well-being and through Doncaster Delivering Together, our borough plan, we have identified the basic things that we believe all people in Doncaster should be able to access and enjoy.

The Fairness and Well-being Commission has worked to to gather evidence on the experiences of people who live and work in Doncaster to better understand the challenges and opportunities they face. It has worked to make an independent strategic assessment of the nature, extent, and causes of inequalities in Doncaster and make recommendations for tackling them in the medium and long term to improve well-being across the borough.

Fairness and Wellbeing Commission Final Report

The commission has operated a similar way to that of a parliamentary select committee, mounting a short, focussed enquiry, taking evidence and producing a final written report. The final Fairness and Wellbeing Commission Report outlines recommendations for the future of our community with the objective to create conditions that enable all Doncaster residents to thrive, reach their full potential, and experience good levels of health and wellbeing. You can find below the final Fairness and Wellbeing Commission report, alongside a summary of the commissions recommendations that are also available in an easy read format. Supporting documents can be found in the appendix below.

Fairness and Wellbeing Commission Report 2024
Download (6.07MB - PDF)
Fairness and Wellbeing Commission Summary of Recommendations
Download (53KB - PDF)
Fairness and Wellbeing Commission Easy Read
Download (4.72MB - PDF)

Organisations across Doncaster will be asked to respond to the findings of the commission and confirm the actions that they will be taking to allow Doncaster residents to thrive. These will be published once gathered. If you would like any further information or have any queries, the commission can be contacted via email: 

Session Summaries and Documents

Here you can find summary notes from the Fairness and Well-being Commission's sessions alongside associated documents, including personas.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 3 Summary
Download (1.94MB - DOCX)

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7

Fairness and Wellbeing Commission- Session 7 Summary
Download (1.16MB -DOCX)
Session 7 Summary
Download (1.16MB - DOCX)


Following the report, see the below appendix of evidence and submissions that have been used to produce the final report.

Data Packs

Working age data pack
Download (7.15MB - PPTM)
Data and Insight Pack
Download (5.56MB - PPTX)
Children, Young People Families Data pack
Download (11.2MB - PPTX)
Fairness and Well-being Commission - Data Walk
Download (7.34MB - PPTX)

Evidence Submissions

Rapid Evidence Review and Logic Model

Logic Model
Download (162KB - PPTX)
Prof. Liddy Goyder - National Picture for Older People
Download (400KB - PDF)
Fairness to wellbeing model
Download (79KB - PPTM)

Specialist Contributions

Best Practice Examples