Doncaster Delivering Together Investment Plan

The Doncaster Delivering Together Investment Plan (DDTIP) outlines our Investment Programme 2030 which will support our five spatial priorities. It will allow us to be place-based in our approach to ensure that the right projects are being funded by the right funding pots, across the City.

In April 2023, Team Doncaster launched the latest update to the Doncaster Delivering Together Investment Plan. This built on the first plan which was published in July 2022. This plan will be annually updated, to ensure that the projects fit for investment reflect the nature of what is needed borough-wide, but also within our communities. This plan will therefore not have everything at any one time, but will be the seeds for the plan to grow over time and reflect our investment delivery, funding applications, and project opportunities across our localities.

Doncaster Delivering Together Investment Plan 2023-2024
Download (600KB - PDF)

This Doncaster Delivering Together Investment Plan is more than this document and the projects within it… it is a mindset. A mindset that we will do investment differently, taking a regenerative and inclusive approach to deliver the sustainable investments required for thriving people, places and planet

Investment Map

The Doncaster Delivering Together Investment Plan Map highlights key investments across the borough in an interactive way. This will be updated regularly to reflect the progress of investments in the borough (please see top left of map for date of most recent update).


Specific Investment Programmes

The Doncaster Delivering Together Investment Plan will outline some big investment programmes happening across our borough. Some of these will have their own page to provide updates on their delivery. These include: