Doncaster City Bid frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about the competition and the bid

  We've got Doncaster City Status

What are the benefits to Doncaster of becoming a city? 

There would be many tangible benefits to Doncaster if granted city status: 

  • Doncaster is more likely to attract more visitors, which in turn, will improve the tourism offer for local people generating more choice of things to do, where to eat and shop and support local businesses.
  • Doncaster is more likely to attract greater levels of economic investment, creating new jobs, and further redeveloping and regenerating the borough.
  • Doncaster is more likely to gather stronger momentum and wider backing for key projects, such as a new hospital proposal, a University and airport station rail link. 
  • Doncaster is more likely to attract key conferences, festivals, and concerts, with nationally recognised artists and a richer program of cultural events. 
  • Doncaster is more likely to create more skilled jobs, allowing more young people to stay, live and work in the area, rather than them moving away to other localities. 
  • Doncaster would gain a stronger voice in shaping both the local, regional, and national agenda to get more of what the borough deserves and to support the delivery of residents’ priorities.

Will the character of Doncaster change if it becomes a city?

Doncaster’s character is ultimately shaped by the people and communities of Doncaster. The borough is a place of places with their own characteristics and that diversity is something to be proud of. Getting city status will not change that. Many are rightly proud of our tradition as a market town, and our market identity will feature strongly in our bid. We hope that city status will deepen the sense of public pride in what it means to come from the borough. We believe we are special in being a city of places if we are successful.

Will council tax and business rates go up if we become a city? 

Winning city status does not lead to increases in council tax or tax or business rates.

Will city status mean that local prices go up (shopping, rent, eating out, etc.)?

Winning city status does not lead to increases in local prices, inflationary price increases are down to the local and national economic climate.

At the same time, city status could lead to increased wage potential, better amenities, and other cost of living benefits.

Will city status mean we get more money to fix potholes, improve services etc?

The City Status Civic Honours competition does not provide a financial investment in itself but it could open the door to more funding opportunities.

How much will it cost to bid for city status, where will the money come from, and would the money be better spent elsewhere?

The project will cost less than £50,000 in total equating to roughly 16p per resident in the borough. The total budget is a very small cost compared the budgets of partners and the council and if successful could lead to significant sums of potential inward investment.

The benefit of this financial outlay is that if successful, gaining City Status may lead to further inward investment, for example, attracting the Great British Rail Headquarters to Doncaster.

It would also add gravitas to bid for City of Culture, promoting the growth of creative businesses and arts-based organisations.

And, whilst the positive impact City Status would have on factors such as income levels, educational opportunities, employment status and levels of equality are difficult to predict, we know that by attracting more investment in Doncaster, we can create more opportunities that would support the improvement of resident’s health, wellbeing and aspirations.

Will there be further costs if Doncaster wins?

A level of rebranding will inevitably follow if Doncaster becomes a city, most visibly in areas such as public signage. This will not happen immediately, and will be planned to ensure value for money.

What about branding?

Names will change over time to reflect Doncaster is a city but it will be done in a cost effective way. Doncaster Council, for example, will change its legal title and be known as City of Doncaster Council or Doncaster City Council from November 1 2022. The change will be made first on things that are quick, easy and cost effective like the Council website. Other changes will be made over time as things expire or need re-ordering.



Last updated: Monday, August 8, 2022 12:56:35 PM