Housing Needs Assessments

Housing Need Assessments (HNA) contain detailed analysis of the housing market area, area profiles, population & household projections, and future housing need of the general population and specific groups.

HNAs are key pieces of research that gather a range of information about the housing market and the housing needs of residents. Produced by Doncaster Council and peer reviewed by The University of Sheffield for consistency with other neighbouring authority’s HNA s (e.g. Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley).

The HNAs assist with policy development, decision-making and resource allocation by enabling Doncaster to:

  • Develop long term strategic views of housing need and demand;
  • Consider the nature and influence of the housing markets in respect to their local area;
  • Help provide the right amount, type and location of housing across the borough;
  • Help provide the right level of affordable housing required on new developments;
  • Help provide the right mixture of housing in different housing sectors.
  • Make informed decisions during the appraisal of strategic housing options such as social housing allocation, the role of intermediate housing products, stock renewal, conversion, and demolition.
  • Ensure the most appropriate and cost effective use of public funds



Gypsy/Traveller Accommodation Need Assessment (GTANA) and Travelling Show People Accommodation Need Assessment (TSPANA) 2018
Download (1.87MB - PDF)
Doncaster GTANA and TSPANA 2018 Appendix A
Download (204KB - XLSX)
Doncaster GTANA and TSPANA 2018 Appendix B
Download (530KB - PDF)
Doncaster GTANA and TSPANA 2018 Appendix C
Download (93KB - PDF)
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