Doncaster Oral Health Needs Assessment 2018

In 2015, Public Health England (PHE) published an Oral Health Needs Assessment for South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw which identified the need for a more local approach to oral health improvement strategies. Therefore, a more focused Oral Health Needs Assessment was completed as part of this process, feeding into the wider Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and Health and Wellbeing Strategies.

Key Themes:


  1. Children aged 3
  2. Children aged 5 years
  3. Children aged 12 years
  4. Hospital admissions for tooth extractions in children
  5. Vulnerable children


  1. Adult dental health survey
  2. Mouth Cancer
  3. Vulnerable adults

Dental services

  1. Primary care
  2. Secondary care

Patient and public involvement

Headline Findings:

  • Children and adults in Doncaster experience some of the poorest oral health in the country.
  • Children in the most deprived areas of the city had average tooth decay levels around 3 times higher than those living in the least deprived areas. 
  • Doncaster has the highest level of extractions under general anaesthetic due to tooth decay amongst 5-9 year olds in the country. 
  • Doncaster has seen an increasing trend in mouth cancer among men and women and sees high levels of tobacco and alcohol use which are the main risk factors.
  • Access to NHS primary care dental services are higher than nationally and has remained relatively constant around 65% for children (previous 12 months) and 69% for adults (previous 24 months). 
  • Healthwatch Sheffield’s South Yorkshire Survey (2016) has highlighted the need for practices to improve accessibility for disabled patients and training amongst dental professionals to ensure patients receive better care.

Recommendations and service links:

  • Develop an Oral Health Improvement Group (OHIG) to facilitate partnership working with stakeholders in Doncaster, NHSE’s oral health improvement group and the local dental network. 
  • Ensure oral health continues to be included in future Joint Strategic Needs Assessments and Health and Wellbeing Strategies. 
  • Use this OHNA to develop a Doncaster Oral Health Improvement Strategy and Action Plan. 
  • Ensure all oral health improvement programmes and activities are evidence-based, quality assured and evaluated. 
  • Ensure participation in the PHE Dental Public Health Epidemiology Programme, to support the public health outcomes framework and to enable evaluation of programmes.

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