Stronger Families Performance Reports

We want to make sure families receive help at the right time, that is right for everyone in the family by joining up services. This will work by one person listening to what families need and will work with them to put a plan in place. This person will then bring together all of the help needed from different services. We regularly monitor the progress of the families that are on the programme, on this page you will find attached documents that illustrate this progress throughout the life of the programme.

Quarter 4 2017-18 

This is the final quarter report for year three of the five year programme. We continue to make good progress on identification and engagement of families in the programme but we do not have a very good conversion rate.

Headline Findings:

    1. Number of families identified as eligible for support: 3332
    2. Number of families we are working with: 2688
    3. Number of claims to date: 365 (DMBC), 14 (DCST) 0 (St Leger), 0 (NHS)
    4. The majority of families were considered eligible on the condition of two criteria
    5. The majority of intervention was classed as 'Superlight'
    6. There were only slightly more female participants than male in Doncaster compared to the national Troubled Families average
    7. Average number of children per family was 1.7 in Doncaster, lower compared to the national Troubled Families average
    8. Average age of children was 9 years old in Doncaster, lower compared to the national Troubled Families average
    9. Number of lone parent households was 9434, higher compared to the national Troubled Families average


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