Environment & Sustainability Strategy - Partner Agencies

A Team Doncaster Environment and Sustainability strategy has been developed in response to the climate change and biodiversity emergency declaration made by Doncaster Council in 2019.

This page provides details of environment and climate strategies and plans of Team Doncaster partners and other relevant bodies:-

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Incl. Environment Agency 

A Green Future Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment  (2018) 

Doncaster And Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust 

Delivering a ‘Net Zero’ National Health Service (2020).  


Doncaster Chamber Of Commerce 

Doncaster Chamber of Commerce has introduced new business support services to help businesses become greener. This includes the introduction of a new Green Business Forum to allow organisations to access and share best practice, as well as an opportunity for local businesses to engage with regional policy makers on environmental policy issues. Additionally, the Chamber has partnered with Engie to offer green energy solutions to businesses which will help companies to be more sustainable and save money. The Chamber will continue to introduce new products and services to help businesses become greener and maximise commercial opportunities linked to the low carbon agenda. 

The Chamber’s education arm ‘Opportunities Doncaster’ is increasingly collaborating with progressive businesses to develop work readiness in residents through innovation and enterprise challenges linked to the low carbon agenda. For example, local learners were recently supported by a fast-food chain to develop plastic free children’s meals. The Chamber will continue to link its business and education activities to carbon literacy. 

Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group 

Sustainable Development and Management Plan (2018-2021) 

Doncaster Council 

Corporate Plan

Doncaster Sheffield Airport 

DSA have produced a Sustainability Road Map (link).  

Prior to the development of their Sustainability Road map, they produced their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report 2019  

Engie UK  


National Farmers Union  

Achieving Net Zero – Farming's 2040 goal 

South Yorkshire Fire And Rescue 

Environmental Protection Handbook for the Fire and Rescue Service. 

The current version of the handbook outlines that it does not consider the impacts that climate change will have on the Fire and Rescue Service; as this was covered in, ‘Effects of Climate Change on Fire and Rescue Services in the UK’ (1/2006). This document stated that climate change is unlikely to provide new challenges for Fire and Rescue Services, instead, those challenges that are already faced will potentially become more service, and also more frequent, i.e. flooding and grass/woodland fires. 

South Yorkshire Police 

Sustainability Strategy (2020-2025) 

Yorkshire Water  

Yorkshire Water plans and performance  

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